Vizyon KCS-X frameless sliding bellows – type glazing

Glass walls and sliding glass curtains have always been very popular among developers and consumers. With the help of such construction, it is possible not only to glaze a balcony or a terrace, but also to split the room into zones. Top-hinged models are most valued, since they are more functional and require less effort to install. Vizyon KCS-X is one of the best innovations in this segment. These systems of sliding frameless glazing have an original design and a number of advantages that you will never find in any other similar model.

Parameter Value
System type Top-hinged
Thickness of tempered glass, mm 10
Max. panel width, mm 1000
Max. panel height, mm 3500

All Vizyon systems are in stock and available for order.

One of the modifications of the KCS system. Sash interconnected loops. The roller stands at the edge of the sash, so when folded, the accordion completely protrudes from the plane of the opening.

KCS-X photo 

Video KCS-X 

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