frameless glazing of terraces Vizyon VTS system

Как правильно выбрать раздвижную безрамную систему Vizyon и какова цена вопроса?

Если вам интересна только цена, тогда вам в самый низ статьи. Если же еще и важно понять какие они, тогда продолжаем читать. Итак, не простой вопрос, когда понимаешь, что раздвижные безрамные системы бывают разные и все складываются, раздвигаются, паркуются. А как же определить какая именно подойдет в вашем случае? Но, на самом деле, не все так сложно, как может показаться сразу.

Vizyon KCS-L

We had a lot of information about the Vizyon KCS-L , there is also information on the Vizyon KCS-X  on the site. But very often there is a choice, and which one do you like more? Now it will be much easier to decide, because we have prepared a parallel presentation of both systems. Watch and choose :)) Click on the link to start watching the video

безрамное остекление дверь в любой части проема

Yes, it is! KCS top-hinged frameless sliding system allows you to install the door in any place. Any of the sliding leaves can serve as a door.

Until now only German top-hinged systems had similar functionality, being several times more expensive. Read more...

You can learn how the system works by watching this video... 

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Calculate the cost by size

Our customers are very busy people. We save your time, therefore we simplified the work scheme and made it as convenient as possible for you.

If you want to know the approximate cost for the size of your terrace, balcony,, then immediately go to the Price list , the price is for the finished construction with the installation VBS VBS-X, L SCS-X SCS-L KCS-L KCS  how can the systems work in systems video review

If you are already ready to place an order, then you no longer need to wait for the measurer, while adjusting your plans, it is enough:

Send photos of the openings you want to glaze (terrace, barbecue area, interior partition, etc.) and approximate dimensions (error up to 1 cm is permissible) to us by mail os@vizyon.ua or by Viber number 050 389 18 21. Alternatively, you can send a freehand drawing or a draft. Be sure to include your contacts for feedback. Indicate your wishes on the operation of the sliding system, if any.

We will make a calculation and send you a commercial proposal and video of the system that is more suitable in terms of technical parameters and your wishes, as well as write down the sequence of further actions to start the project in work.