Can a frameless sliding system be warm?

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Frameless, sliding and warm as well? Is it possible?


Let's see what a warm aluminum system is and what a cold aluminum system is. The aluminum molding of a warm aluminum system of any manufacturer has a thermal break, thermal bridge. A thermal bridge is made of a material that has poor thermal conductivity, that is, it does not pass heat or cold so quickly. Molding inside is of the same temperature as the room, and outside it is of the street temperature. First output - warm aluminum systems are used as a glazing boundary between a warm (heated) room and the street. We have already figured out the warm molding, but most of the opening is done with multiple glazing units and it will bear the main temperature losses. A warm multiple glazing units stand for glass thickness, as well as for the number of glasses in the multiple 

glazing and the distance between them. But this is not our main topic in this article, therefore, we will not discuss multiple glazing units in details, but simply summarize that a warm multiple glazing unit cannot be thin - it is the second output. So, a warm aluminum system with a warm multiple glazing is, first of all, a heavy construction that needs to be correctly and firmly fixed in the opening, if it comes to windows or doors. If it is a facade, then special racks and crossbars are previously installed. This is the third output, which we deduce from our knowledge that the system is not intended for movements, except for those that are technologically provided, so the thermal expansion issue is solved by special brackets. But even such heavy systems can be sliding; suppliers of warm aluminum offer sliding systems with 2 or 3 sliding leaves or warm accordions with up to 9 leaves. Here the possibility of warm sliding systems ends. 

Now let's figure out what is sliding frameless glazing? This is the same aluminum molding, but without a thermal bridge. What is the reason for not installing a thermal bridge? The fact is that “sliding” and “frameless” are the keywords of a sliding frameless system. Frameless means that the glass can be hold without vertical frames. But without frames, only single glass can be hold from 6 mm to 12 mm thick. So, we came to the fourth output that multiple glazing cannot be frameless, and accordingly, there is no reason to make a warm aluminum molding if only one glass is installed. Here our puzzle is finished. Frameless sliding systems are aluminum molding systems without a thermal bridge, where only single glass is inserted, which does not need vertical frames due to the high bearing capacity of aluminum as a material. It is enough to fix the glass in the panel molding on the top and the bottom. Well, on our website you can find information about sliding frameless glazing systems types (top-hung, lower support, balcony type, etc.). Correspondingly, the scope of application of frameless sliding systems is indoors or outdoors, but it cannot be used as a border between a heated and an unheated room. So why do we need them if they are not warm? Sliding frameless systems are used as wind protection, protection against rainfall, animals, room indoor zoning. You can install these systems everywhere since they do not spoil the interior or the exterior with their transparency.

We hope that this information will be enough to understand that sliding frameless systems and warm frame systems are two completely different products with different scope of applications. And if the system is frameless sliding, then it cannot be warm. And by the way, pay attention when you are told that the system is warm, because it is a multiple glazing unit. A sliding aluminum system with a multiple glazing also relates to cold systems if there is no thermal break in the molding.

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