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A very important function, often structures are installed already on the finished terrace, so the door should be placed where it is convenient. For the most part, sliding frameless systems cannot fulfill such a need due to technical features. But the Vizyon KCS overhead suspension system with parking can include such an option, if necessary. How it works, see the video.



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One of the difficult technical tasks is to count two sliding systems into one corner. The angle should be clearly 90 degrees. The profile should also be trimmed in relation to each other so that there are no errors. When the sashes converge, all errors and errors will be visible, if they were made. But, such an option is still possible, the Vizyon KCS-L corner accordion in the video is a confirmation of this.

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Top-hung system KCS-L Vizyon on the terrace. In the closed position, the last leaf is like a door. In the open position, the door with all leaves folds down. A fixed door option is possible.

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Frameless sliding glazing has long been popular in shop window glazing, as it retains its transparency and allows, if necessary, to slide the doors and open doors for new customers.

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The Vizyon VTS frameless top-hanging sliding system is a great alternative to the KCS system, as it is less expensive, but it can perform its functions. Also without a lower profile and with a parking zone.

The main feature is, of course, its parking area, which can be placed both parallel to the opening and perpendicularly.

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Frameless top-hung sliding systems Vizyon KCS-Butterfly are a modification of the flagship model Vizyon KCS and differ from it in the absence of a parking profile. This became possible due to the fact that the leaves move along the supporting profile on only one roller. This means that you can "park" them in any area of ​​the opening. One leaf is a door. It can be placed anywhere in the opening. This system has no restrictions on the number of wings.

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The main feature of the Vizyon KCS-L frameless top-hanging sliding glazing systems is the absence of a lower profile, which is ideal for rooms with high traffic. Most often used for zoning office space, creating meeting rooms and glazing private terraces or gazebos.

Why this type of system is called "accordion" you can find out after watching the video.

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Vizyon VTS is perfect for glazing terraces, gazebos, verandas, restaurants, cafes and for zoning office space, without violating the "open space". An exceptional feature of this top-hung frameless sliding system is its parking zone, which you can position either perpendicular to the opening or in parallel.

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