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Intuitive, easy to operate system, easy to install. It can be installed at any stage or during the construction phase or when the terrace is ready. There are no strict requirements for openings, due to the fact that the system is bottom-supported. Maximum height 3000 mm, maximum sash width 1000 mm.


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The combination of glass and wood looks very nice. Sliding frameless system Vizyon SCS-X, glass corner. The turnkey lock which is located inside the panel profile works both from the middle of the opening and from the outside. Other structures are fixed inside with a special latch lock. The system is equipped with side plugs made of metal (not plastic), this is important, because a screw passes through this side plug to adjust the roller, over time in more budgetary systems this screw pushes the plate plugs, it becomes necessary to carry out frequent service.

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You can install the Vizyon SCS lower support system behind the columns, how it works, see video 2020

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The Vizyon SCS-L lower-frame frameless sliding system of sliding type is one of the most popular in the field of frameless sliding glazing, as it is easy to use and to install (it does not require special preparation of the opening, and especially its upper part, since the entire load goes to the lower guide).

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The Vizyon SCS-X lower support frameless sliding cold glazing system with a threshold differs from SCS-L by the presence of a higher lower profile (the SCS-L system has a lower profile of 8 mm and is beveled at the edges, and for the SCS-X 23 mm). This made it possible to increase the maximum leaf width. For the SCS-L system, it is limited to 1000 mm; for the SCS-X, 1200 mm is possible.

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In addition to the ease of use and the simplicity of openings that are glazed, the Vizyon SCS-L frameless lower-support sliding glazing systems have another significant advantage - the lower profile, whose height is only 8 mm (for a similar model SCS-X, the height of the lower profile is 23 mm). In addition, it is beveled in the corners, this option is provided so that a person could not catch on him. Vizyon SCS-L is the perfect solution for cold glazing terraces, verandas, gazebos or zoning workspaces in the office.  


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